Over the weekend, more than 60 musical artists performed in a 12-hour online concert on Facebook Live – called the “Pittsburgh Service Staff AID Benefit Concert.” The concert was open to the public (via Facebook) and monetary donations were encouraged via the donation page. All proceeds benefit the United Way of Western Pennsylvania’s Emergency Basic Needs Fund, for hospitality workers who are going through an especially difficult time right now.

Prizum is proud to have been asked to design the logo and branding for this event:

Staff aid

“This logo was so fun to work on, and feels so rewarding to know that it’s in support of such a great cause! The logo incorporates the Pittsburgh skyline, utensils, and a circular graphic in the center that doubles as both a plate and a vinyl record. The goal was to tie in all of the ideas and elements surrounding this concert – supporting service industry staff, the city of Pittsburgh, and of course, the music.” – Laura Smith, Designer, Prizum

“When our agency was asked to work on this logo we were thrilled to help such a great cause. Prizum felt like donating creative talents during these trying times was a great way to give back.” – Shawn O’Mara, President, Prizum

Prizum designed the logo, as well as a digital graphics, and even had the logo placed on a billboard on Rt. 19, just south of the city, courtesy of Steel City Billboards:

 Steel City Billboards

A statement from United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania reads:

“For far too many families in our community, every day presents a struggle to meet basic needs. They face homelessness and food insecurity. They may not have reliable transportation to a job. Add to this the pressures we are all now facing as a result of the current COVID-19 Crisis and the struggle can turn a difficult situation into a real emergency.

The Hospitality Industry has been hit very hard during this crisis. The economic impact of reduced and lost work due to the coronavirus outbreak marks an unprecedented time in our community and will surely add to the need for those already struggling to make ends meet.

When you contribute to United Way’s Emergency Basic Needs Fund-for Hospitality workers, you will provide emergency assistance to those in the hospitality industry who are on the edge and can help prevent further escalation of an already difficult time. And when we all work together to help families in our local community avert financial crisis, and improve financial stability, we can prevent much more costly consequences that affect our entire community. Will you join us to help those in the hospitality industry who have been most affected by this crisis?”

The initial goal was to raise at least $20,000. Even after the concert was over, the donation link remains open (until 5pm Monday, 4/20/2020). And, as of Monday morning, over $23,000 have been raised, with more than 500 donors!

Our design team is proud to have been a part of the Pittsburgh Service Staff Aid Benefit Concert. It was such a great cause to be a part of during these uncertain times.

The event created a great local buzz, and raised so much money over the course of a weekend to help those who are struggling.

Prizum is proud to be a local business and support other local organizations when we can. We’re all in this together, and we’re all here for each other!

Need design services during the pandemic? Contact the Prizum team today. Let’s work together, let’s get creative.

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