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Q: Does my company need an Annual Report?
A: Yes, if you are publicly traded, then annual reports have been a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requirement since 1934. If your company is private, it’s still a good idea.

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The essentials to include in an Annual Report.

Our design department can help you design Annual Reports for your investors and shareholders that satisfy the SEC requirements for a public company and look amazing on a tight budget.

  1. Core design concepts for a professional Annual Report
  2. Using Annual Reports as a marketing tool
  3. Targeting the audience in an Annual Report
  4. Annual Report packaging and presentation
  5. Understanding and reading the Annual Report

01 – Core design concepts for a professional Annual Report

Annual Reports are formal financial statements presented in an attractive design layer, published yearly and sent to shareholders, investors and interested parties. For publicly traded companies there are very specific financial requirements in an annual report that must be disclosed to the public by law. For any other private company, there are no legal requirements but the high quality design standard set by public companies is desirable for any annual report.

Formatting financial statements into useful readable form takes the report design to a level beyond spreadsheets and dry numbers. In theory one could simply send out ‘audited statements of income’ on black & white letter sized paper with the minimum requirements imposed by the SEC but this would hardly capitalize on one of the most important branding opportunities of the year.

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