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Prizum Creative knows Book Design. From first time authors to established novelists, we can help you design the next best seller!

Q: What exactly is Book design?
A: Book designers are professional designers able to anticipate the needs of authors for graphic design and publishing for communication.

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The value of hiring a professional book designer

Our graphics department can match the personality and feel you would like your book to convey to a potential reader. We can anticipate all the technical needs and professional standards of transforming your book from a text document into a publishable book.

  1. Book designers, graphic designers and publishers
  2. Correctly designing books with margins & grids
  3. Ensuring text legibility & readability
  4. Correct pagination and cross-references
  5. Designing books for print and digital

01 – Book designers, graphic designers and publishers

Book Designers are not simply graphic designers nor are they publishers. Publishers work for the readers but book designers work for you, the author. Book Designers at Prizum Creative care about properly representing you and your book’s content from the design of the cover to the readability of the interior pages.

Book designers do indeed use graphic design in the process of collaborating with authors but unlike other designers, Prizum Creative possesses additional skills and experience that the average graphic designer will be unfamiliar with. The process of preparing a manuscript for printed publication is highly technical and requires familiarity with a variety of very specific technical rules.

02 – Correctly designing books with margins & grids

Correctly sized margins for a book are specific to each book size and affect how you hold and read a book. The placement of words on the page in contrast to the margins is based on understanding the physical aspect of where the reader will place th