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Catalog design is key print design tool for marketing strategy. Prizum Creative can help you design the ideal layout and structure!

Q: Do catalogs still drive sales in the face of the internet?
A: Yes! A catalog will drive trips to the store and the store will drive a trip to the web. Printed catalogs with interactive elements, coupons and discount codes will often drive users directly to the website.

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Modern catalog design tactics.

Our catalog designs are so vivid that your products will almost jump off the page! We’ll work with you to achieve the ideal layout and structure and customize the design to match your company’s attitude and personality.

We can also include a unique ordering form encouraging the consumer to become a customer immediately!

  1. Catalogs are important
  2. Interactive elements in print catalogs
  3. Online only eCommerce catalogs
  4. Catalog mail merging
  5. Dynamic catalogs with granular analytics

01 – Catalogs are important

In the digital age catalogs are still important for a variety of reasons. Chief among those reasons is that people like to keep catalogs on hand. Catalogs can be attractive in a way digital images are not because the touch and feel of printed materia