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Instruction manuals need to be useful. Prizum Creative can help you design an instruction booklet that users want to use!

Q: What makes a good Instruction Manual?
A: Perspective. The best instruction manuals are useful and universally understood because they are designed with a wide variety of user perspectives in mind.

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The keys to designing useful Instruction Manuals.

Our design department can help you design instruction manuals for your products that communicate across cultural and language barriers, making them attractive, useful and effective.

  1. Practical Instruction Manual Design
  2. The effect of a well-designed instruction manual
  3. Instruction manuals across language barriers
  4. Real world user testing of instruction manuals
  5. The future of instruction manuals

01 – Practical Instruction Manual Design

One of the top principles to consider when designing an instruction manual is to “get out of the way quickly” and let the user get to work on putting the item together or using it asap. It is a mistake to over-design an instruction manual or provide too much information. Every user wants to spend as little time as possible “figuring out” what the instructions mean.

By examining instruction manuals over 2 centuries much is revealed about the time they were designed in and the society they were written for. Practicality in assembly is all about being concerned with the actual doing of something rather than ideas. When it comes to products, instruction manual designers need to be concerned with communicating to owners on how to actually use the product instead of the theory of using it.

02 – The effect of a well-designed instruction manual

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