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Q: How important is package design?
A: The design of a products packaging is just as important as the product itself.

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Good package design boosts sales and plays a critical part in brand loyalty!

Our Sr. Partner was the Creative Manager for Pittsburgh’s leading grocery retailer, Giant Eagle Inc. for nine and a half years. This gives us the edge in the retail industry. We know what retail buyers are looking for and how consumers react to an in-store environment.

  1. Consumer Attraction to a Package
  2. Branding and Package Design
  3. The Information layer of Package Design
  4. The Utility of Package design
  5. The effect of packaging on consumers
  6. Adding value with Package design
  7. Appearance on the Shelves
  8. Branding the post-purchase experience
  9. Thinking ‘outside the box’
  10. Promotional Print Packaging

01 – Consumer Attraction to a Package

Package Design is just as important and perhaps more important than the package itself. The package is the first impression in a retail environment, (especially if the customer is not familiar with the product). In cases where the customer already is loyal to a brand or knows what product they are looking for then the package itself still has the potential to become a keepsake or trophy and in many cases there are good reasons for keeping the box that extend beyond good design.Ocreations knows package design and how to manufacture the psychological attraction to a package that results in sales and brand loyalty. We understand the psychological methods used in package design including what, why and where information on the package needs to be.

02 – Branding and Package Design

The core psychology behind keeping packages includes good design and a variety of other factors but can also be traced all the way back to Neolithic hunting and keeping trophies and still plays an important role in our modern society.

Think of the last 3 packages you saved, what were they? Some of the most coveted items include the original packaging for Apple products, Rolex Watches and Nike Shoes. Building brand loyalty through package design is well known and understood by the major brands and the same tactics can be used by any company with the right package design team.

A careful blend of package design and psychology for Pasta Too was the recipe Ocreations used to create a foundation that grew into healthy brand loyalty for the Pittsburgh based Pasta Company. Ocreations knows how to use package design to create collectible music packages that fans remember and keep like the JJames CD package.

03 – The Information layer of Package Design

The first thing your customers will see and touch is the packaging and this is often the first opportunity to provide them with an experience and the information they need to make a decision to buy the product. Ocreations worked with Glen’s Custard on a label redesign that clearly communicates with buyers’ taste-buds and helps them make the decision to enjoy their favorite flavors.

The information layer is not only technical specs and measurements. Included in the information layer is an opportunity for a connection to your product with regards to the needs or wants of the potential customer. If the consumer can find everything they need to know, the chances of converting them into a sale are increased. The package designs for Ready Nutrition were a direct result of Ocreations helping to make sure consumers know that good things come in good packages.

04 – The Utility of Package design

Your package design will differentiate your product from your competition but as it turns out shoppers do not make rational, informed decisions when buying products – they instead put an item into their cart based purely instinctive, reactive or emotional responses. The packages Ocreations designed for Giant Eagle are instantly recognized instinctively. Therefore, making sure the product package design can “Pass the five-year-old test” is critical:

If you can describe your brand to a five-year-old, send them into a store to find it, and actually get it, your packaging creates an iconic connection
SRC: The Five Things Product Packaging Must Do

Part of the Utility of Package design is also making sure the package itself is useful such as a Pizza Box, or an Edible cookie straw. Ocreations package design services for the Calithea Skincare Line of products included the thoughtful and effective components of utility and we can do the same for you.

05 – The effect of packaging on consumers

Packaging can have a noticeable effect on shopping behaviors. The methods top brands use to package items that are usually concealed such as food, electronics and toys shows the power of packaging. The tactics used can make or break a company irrespective of how great the product is. This affects commodities as well as luxuries.

The typical package identifies contents and adds value but great package design creates an emotional connection for the customer to bond with. In the case of the package design services for Sabine Sound we presented consumers with an elegant sound amplifier while meeting the expectations musicians hold for a high quality electronic musical devices.

06 – Adding value with Package design

The three areas Ocreations focuses on to add value through package design are Protection, Storage and Transportation. Because professional package design can decrease shipping costs Ocreations can literally add value directly to your product (in addition to its intrinsic value) by saving you money on logistics.

Ocreations designed the Gardners Candies package around the product for maximum efficiency using geometry and business logic to find the maximum number of chocolates that would fit into the box and still be attractive and we can do the same for your company.

07 – Appearance on the Shelves

Ocreations has years of experience designing packages for the shelves at Giant Eagle which we can directly translate into a success story for your company.

One of the core tenets of good design is often minimal design and when it comes to shelving and display every retail store wants to save space. Knowing what will make your product attractive to the consumer is not always the same as what makes a product package attractive to a retailer. There are rules, regulations and standards for package design related to shelving space that if followed can make your product stand out over your competitors.

08 – Branding the post-purchase experience

Branded shipping and the post-purchase experience for consumers is now just as important as browsing the store or window shopping. eCommerce has changed the world and we have a choice to either give customers a plain brown box sitting near the door or an exciting attractive package that turns the porch into a Christmas tree.

Ocreations designed gift bag packaging for Carnegie Mellon ETC Global to improve their post-purchase experience. Standing behind your merchandise on its way to the customer doorstep includes ev