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Q: How important is package design?
A: The design of a products packaging is just as important as the product itself.

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Good package design boosts sales and plays a critical part in brand loyalty!

Our Sr. Partner was the Creative Manager for Pittsburgh’s leading grocery retailer, Giant Eagle Inc. for nine and a half years. This gives us the edge in the retail industry. We know what retail buyers are looking for and how consumers react to an in-store environment.

  1. Consumer Attraction to a Package
  2. Branding and Package Design
  3. The Information layer of Package Design
  4. The Utility of Package design
  5. The effect of packaging on consumers
  6. Adding value with Package design
  7. Appearance on the Shelves
  8. Branding the post-purchase experience
  9. Thinking ‘outside the box’
  10. Promotional Print Packaging

01 – Consumer Attraction to a Package

Package Design is just as important and perhaps more important than the package itself. The package is the first impression in a retail environment, (especially if the customer is not familiar with the product). In cases where the customer already is loyal to a brand or knows what product they are looking for then the package itself still has the potential to become a keepsake or trophy and in many cases there are good reasons for keeping the box that extend beyond good design.Prizum Creative knows p