Ocreations knows Modern SEO.
Modern SEO is the continual development & maintenance of online presence.

Q: What is Modern Search Engine Optimization?
A: Making sure your business gets found by people who want what you sell.

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The success SEO Recipe

Simply typing “What I want to be true into Google” is not research. “Stuffing keywords into a website” is not SEO.

Ocreations uses the following proven strategies and services to produce real long-term results

  1. Define reasonable goals
  2. In depth website analysis
  3. ADA compliance check
  4. Rebuild -or- manage expectations
  5. Apply Web Standards to site
  6. Content revisions
  7. Generate new content
  8. On site Deep linking
  9. Inbound link Campaign
  10. Maintain good SEO hygiene

01 – Defining reasonable goals for SEO

Let’s briefly discuss the primary problem with Modern SEO: SEO cannot be ordered like an appetizer or a side dish because it is a highly subjective service. SEO for a business is as intimate and specific as a custom-tailored suit. The same strategy that fits the 90lb local Restaurant is not going to work for the 6-foot 300lb Mega Chain.

SEO is not “Google Optimization” because every other site out there that has a search feature is also a search engine – Facebook to Amazon, Yelp to the BBB have search engines too.

Ocreations knows that the goals we define for success must be reasonable, local, effective and appropriate. The glove must fit. Ocreations can help you understand the modern SEO landscape so that our efforts are effective. SEO is such a large field and broad term that if reasonable goals are not defined then we can end up lost in hyperspace – eternally looking for a place to land.

Candidly: SEO is literally web design – having a relationship with your Web Development department, in this case – Ocreations.

02 – Handling the website SEO analysis

MOZ.COM is the SEO toolkit we use and you need. This tool is the defining Diagnostics Device for SEO mechanics, without it one can only guess and take things apart one piece at a time.

Ocreations takes precise measurements of your existing site and the entire landscape of the web by renting the “MOZ PRO Search Spider” to turn what used to be months of research into a few days.

This report will expose every area where a site can perform better alongside your competition. SEO is like a NASCAR race, if we know exactly how fast the car in front of you is then we can catch up, pass and cross the finish line.

03 – ADA compliance check – Search engines are ‘Blind Users’

Turns out that search engines are blind users because they have no eyes. When a website is properly tuned for ADA compliance it automatically passes many of the minimum requirements needed for a good SEO foundation to be in place.

ADA Compliance means that a website can be used by “blind or disabled people” – remember that search engines are blind. Therefore – having an ADA compliant website is actually the first step to a good SEO campaign.

04 – Why do we need to rebuild or manage our expectations?

Website themes are a lot like “one size fits all” and because of this they are popular and effective for a low cost pair of leisure wear or your favorite sweatpants – but you may need something more formal like a custom tailored Suit or Tuxedo. After all, you would not wear a pair of sweatpants to your wedding, right?

For this reason, Ocreations will help your company to make the best decision for how your Brand decides to show up to the most important online event ever: your online presence. There are 10 Things Your Website Homepage Should Have and 1000 things that should be done in the code.

In some cases, we can use your existing theme or dress it up with a reasonably professional Polo shirt – in other cases we may strongly suggest that a full suit and tie are in order. These expectations need to be managed because they will change how search engines “see you”.

05 – How do we apply Web Standards to a website?

Web Standards are optional, there is no regulatory body that really enforces them, and a website can “look great” without Web Standards and even work perfectly fine – but that is not the same as having a site with Web Standards applied. Ocreations applies the core Web Standards needed for what is known as “on site SEO optimization” (part of which is ADA compliance).

Turns out there is a Web Standards and ADA compliance checklist we can follow, just like a recipe.

With Web Standards in place a website does more than look good – it becomes useful to people. For example: let’s say your menu system looks really nice with an icon instead of the word “menu”, but the demographic you need to target does not know what that Icon means – in that case Web Standards would dictate to us that the word “Main Menu” is a better choice than the nice design. Web Standards are not black and white, there is a full spectrum of design patterns for the web to consider, usability rules for a landing page, and the process is very specific to your needs.

06 – Content revisions are SEO

Yes, we will need to review every paragraph on your website if we want to be thorough, the same way every inch of your arm or leg length is important to figuring out what size dress pants are needed for your suit! If a tailor just ‘skips the knee to ankle’ now you’ve got a pair of shorts instead of a suit pant, the same is true with content. Content is King, every single page and link is a domino in the SEO chain.

Notice how we have used HTML elements on this page to add meaning to our content, we have bold tags, block quotes, definition lists, anchored elements and even linked titles within headings This is what onsite SEO really is.

07 – Generating new content is SEO

We need to build higher to reach the top. Each new piece of content we suggest, help you create and produce for you is another rung in the ladder and a step built to the top of the mountain.

Content is the ‘SEO stairway to heaven’. Content is important for SEO because no one searches Google for the words “read more”; they search for the words “Pittsburgh SEO company

Here is a good time to point out that SEM is the ‘airlift to heaven’. With SEM we can simply fly to the top of the results using paid advertising, with SEO we need to build up a set of strong reliable stairs (and no, the old rickety wood and rope ones in the amazon, we want solid SEO concrete).

Here is a great example: Your company sells Widgets, but the rest of the world calls them “Womps”, you get to page 1 for “Widgets” and no sales come in? Why? Because everyone else calls them “Womps”.

If we had done a quick SEM campaign, we would know that’s what people actually type in, long before spending years on SEO to get page 1 results for “Widgets”.
Therefore using SEM to determine what keywords to use during an SEO campaign saves time and money. Turns out that the keywords you think you want may not be what people who will buy your product or service are actually typing into Google.

08 – Deep linking across the site is SEO

Before any other site links into yours we are wise enough to make sure your own site links to itself properly. Consider a Library full of books or any directory online that lists movies and songs – they all need to be categorized properly to actually find what you search for.

This is done by deep linking to very specific pieces of content. Take this page for example, we link to this post about SEO and we link to this post about Web Design because deep linking is SEO.

09 – An inbound link Campaign is SEO