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Prizum Creative knows Modern SEO.
Modern SEO is the continual development & maintenance of online presence.

Q: What is Modern Search Engine Optimization?
A: Making sure your business gets found by people who want what you sell.

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The success SEO Recipe

Simply typing “What I want to be true into Google” is not research. “Stuffing keywords into a website” is not SEO.

Prizum Creative uses the following proven strategies and services to produce real long-term results

  1. Define reasonable goals
  2. In depth website analysis
  3. ADA compliance check
  4. Rebuild -or- manage expectations
  5. Apply Web Standards to site
  6. Content revisions
  7. Generate new content
  8. On site Deep linking
  9. Inbound link Campaign
  10. Maintain good SEO hygiene

01 – Defining reasonable goals for SEO

Let’s briefly discuss the primary problem with Modern SEO: SEO cannot be ordered like an appetizer or a side dish because it is a highly subjective service. SEO for a business is as intimate and specific as a custom-tailored suit. The same strategy that fits the 90lb local Restaurant is not going to work for the 6-foot 300lb Mega Chain.

SEO is not “Google Optimization” because every other site out there that has a search feature is also a search engine – Facebook to Amazon, Yelp to the BBB have search engines too.

Prizum Creative knows that the goals we define for success must be reasonable, local, effective and app