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Q: What is the difference between Web Design and Web Development?
A: Web Design defines the way a website looks and works while Web Development is the process of making the website work. Form VS function – Images and style of a new car (design) VS building/engineering the final car (development)

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Designing websites with Web Standards in mind.

Our design department designs websites using ‘Modern Web Standards’.

  1. How much does a website cost?
  2. Web Design & Web Development differences
  3. The importance of Modern Web Standards
  4. Web design consistency during campaigns
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01 – How much does a website cost?

At Prizum Creative the Web Design phase costs between $3,000-$30,000. The minimum investment you can expect at Prizum Creative is $1,500 for a completed PSD landing page, the average is $5,500 while much more advanced websites can have much higher totals.

The price ranges for websites are similar to transportation costs, from owning a car to flying on a private jet – there is a full range of choices and ancillary costs associated with the purchase.At Prizum Creative we ask clients to consider “What kind of website will actually accomplish my goals?”. This article covers pricing full: Website SPEC (Project specification phase).

02 – Web Design and Web Development differences

Web Design is the phase where the look and feel for a website is defined. Web Design produces a mock-up in a non-interactive format while Web Development will produce a working interactive version of the website. The two phrases are not interchangeable but they can be done in either order and often are combined together into one large project. Web Design can come before Web Development but in many cases (such as AGILE, SCRUM or “Live Development”) development can be done right alongside the design, before it or even without it.

When Web Design precedes development Web Standards for mobile and responsive design need to be considered and a final mock-up can include 5-10 variations for different screen sizes for every page that is designed. This creates the opportunity for precise design control but can also inflate price if designs are so unique that they are not compatible with existing development frameworks.

If Web Development is done before the design phase then less mock-ups are needed as a development framework is used. This creates a very specific set of predefined design rules that are automatically inherited by the website (and must be followed by the design) therefore limiting creative web design control but lowering the overall design costs. In this scenario the design will “evolve” itself based on the framework, inheriti