With Thanksgiving being just a couple days away, we’d like to share what we’re thankful for this year. Here’s our list:

1. All of the tools and resources we use on a daily basis.

Before computers, graphic design was done all by hand. In the twenty-first century, we can now be more productive than ever with all of the possibilities technology has given us. Tools like the Adobe Creative Cloud, stock photo sites, font sites, etc. are what help us do our jobs to the best of our abilities, and provide us with endless opportunities to let our creative spirits thrive.

2. The Pantone Color System… and Pantone Swatch books.

Pantone colors are a gift to the design world. They are the most accurate way to match colors from your computer screen to the ink that will be printed out on print pieces. Pantone swatch books are small books designers (should) carry with them to client meetings and press checks. They’re a great way to make sure your print pieces match the official Pantone color system. Pantone has also recently developed an online tool to pick out, search for, or convert/match from CMYK / RGB / HEX color spaces. For the Pantone color system, we are thankful.

3. Constantly able to learn new skills and adapt to the industry as it evolves.

Technology’s expansive nature is something to be thankful for in our industry. It allows us to learn new tools to help us grow as designers. It gives us even more fuel for new and interesting design techniques and styles. Our industry provides us the ability to constantly learn, which keeps our creative minds occupied in a constructive way. Without the persistently developing technologies and tools in our lives, our creative minds would be stuck. As designers, we’re thankful for the opportunity to continually add skills to our resumes.

Not only do we learn and use new technologies and resources, but we also learn about other industries and facets of the world from our clients. In order to make great designs for your clients, you must be able to understand their industry. From the healthcare industry, to the odds and ends of the automotive industry, even to recognizing the challenges of non-profits, clients can help you learn more about different subject matters you otherwise wouldn’t have had the opportunity to know more about. As designers we’re thankful for our ability to learn new things each day, inside and outside of our industry.

4. The design community

The community we are a part of is definitely something to be thankful for. As designers, we love to help other designers learn and improve their skills. Our community has developed numerous sites where we can share, critique, and learn from other designers. There are also online sources where designers share templates, icons, brushes, and fonts with one another! We’re so thankful for our fellow designers.

5. The Design Grid System

Without the design grid system, we’d be living in a world of disarray (at least in our designer minds..). Grid systems in the various programs we use make our designs pristine and polished. With that, thank you design grid system – you’ve made all of our lives (and OCD) easier.

6. The field is so diverse and everyone has their own niche.

All of us have creative tendencies in one way or another. The design industry is filled with diversity – everyone’s minds are unique, we are all passionate about different things, and we all have tendencies and preferences (whether it’s your personal style or the medium you prefer to work in). This is what makes our industry’s community so great. Because we all have different perspectives and levels of knowledge across various subject matters, this is what makes us so tight-knit and willing to share with one another. We recognize that we can all learn from one another, and spreading our own wealth of knowledge will only make for better design in the world.