So, your brand has a new, fabulous logo design and you obviously need to flaunt it. Having trouble thinking of places to display your new brand image? We’ve got a list of conventional and unconventional places you can show off your brand new logo so you can maximize your impressions. Check out our list:

  1. Social media profiles
  2. Interior office signage
  3. Exterior office signage
  4. On your website
  5. Website favicon
  6. Watermarks on any original photos/work
  7. Company vehicles
  8. ID badges
  9. Email signatures
  10. Email blasts
  11. Presentation templates
  12. Packaging
  13. Business cards
  14. Mugs
  15. Cups
  16. Water Bottles
  17. T-shirts
  18. Hoodies
  19. Hats
  20. Sweatpants
  21. Letterheads
  22. Envelopes
  23. Tradeshow banners
  24. Tradeshow table covers
  25. Tradeshow tents
  26. Business forms
  27. Pens
  28. Rulers
  29. Chip clips
  30. Jar openers
  31. Shot glasses
  32. Drink cozies
  33. Umbrellas
  34. Towels
  35. Golf balls
  36. Sun glasses
  37. Backpacks/draw-string sports bags
  38. Stick-on tattoos
  39. Plastic footballs, volleyballs, soccer balls, etc.
  40. Lanyards
  41. Compact mirrors
  42. Coasters
  43. Clocks
  44. Planners/Notebooks/Journals
  45. Folders
  46. Greeting cards
  47. Mouse pads
  48. Balloons
  49. Chap stick
  50. Highlighters
  51. Coolers
  52. Dog collars/leashes
  53. Fanny packs
  54. Tape measurers
  55. Bandanas
  56. Mini flashlights
  57. Phone cases
  58. Key chains
  59. Paper weights
  60. Car decals
  61. Notepads
  62. Stickers
  63. Stamps
  64. Frisbees
  65. Magnets
  66. Bottle openers
  67. Tote bags

Having a good brand is critical but if you do not have the proper exposure, it is a waste of time and money. Getting exposure means getting impressions. The more people that see the logo/brand, the more impressions you get. One example is a branded coffee mug. It gets impressions every day when people see it sitting on your desk in a busy office. If you have a home office and nobody sees the mug, it may not be a good choice. Likewise, the marketing material you choose to place your logo on should reflect your brand. If you own a beauty supply company, you wouldn’t want to make golf balls with your logo on it. Instead, you’d want to hand out compact mirrors with your logo on them at your store’s launch.

It is so important, especially for new brands and companies that have recently re-branded themselves to get positive, memorable exposure. The more you can expose your brand to the right people in the correct format, the more impressions you will receive, and in turn, the more memorable your brand will become.