Digital Marketing is low-cost and has the potential for high ROI

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Q: Does Digital Marketing really create a return on investment?
A: Depends on who does it and how it’s done. Simply putting some posts up on Facebook or throwing your web-banner into the vast space of the internet and hoping for money to boomerang back is not how this works. Turns out that good Digital and Social Media Marketing is the result of carefully planning out the psychological aspect of what we want people to think, feel and say about your company when they interact with your brand online. Simply put: we put a real human behind the digital face.

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The core tenets of Digital marketing strategy.

Prizum Creative jumped into digital marketing at the dawn of its creation. Our owner, Shawn O’mara was an instructor at the Art Institute in 2000 when Digital Marketing was born as Google opened up the first digital ads. Since then a lot has changed, but one thing has remained the same: Digital Marketing needs a thoughtful and effective Strategy.

  1. Define expectations for using Digital marketing
  2. Set reasonable goals when choosing Social Media Platforms
  3. Research target audience and define a demographic
  4. Define metrics – ‘Key Performance Indicators’ (KPI)