Search Engine Optimization is not just Google

SEO is not just “Google Optimization” because social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn are also search engines. Review sites like Yelp, Better Business Bureau and mega eCommerce giants like Amazon and eBay are search engines. QnA sites like Quora and mega media sites like Vimeo and YouTube are all search engines!

The days of “Google only Optimization” are over, SEO now requires very specific strategies tailored to your companies specific needs.

Consider this analogy: A custom tailored suit with your exact waist, arm and chest size will not exist on the shelf, the measurements alone require a custom build and on top of that there are your preferences for color and style to consider! The same is true of SEO for your Business – SEO can not be ordered like a side of french fries because SEO is literally development of your online presence both on and off your website.

Search Engine Optimization is Specific to your Industry

Are you selling a product? Well then, getting to the TOP of Google is not enough (and will not sell your product either), in that case we need to look at the eCommerce battlefield and blend design with strategy.

Are you offering a Service like Plumbing, Electrical or Law? Then we have a whole other sphere of websites to target. How about a Restaurant or local store? People do not type in the name of companies they do not know yet, they will search for things like “Best Burger in Pittsburgh” or “Antiques near me”. Consider what “near me” means! In those cases we need to optimize your business for local search domination in several place ranging from your own website to MAPS sites like Bing, Mapquest and of course Google Maps.

Prizum Creative asks the important questions and knows how to discover and implement SEO strategy your business needs.

Search Engines are literally “Blind Users”

Turns out that Search engines are blind, they literally have no eyes, the consume text the same way a disabled user would use a screen reader. This means that following ADA compliance on your website will automatically lay the right foundation for SEO for your website.

The way a website visually looks to our human eyes is not how it is read and interpreted by Search Engines. There are invisible elements, descriptions of images and a whole world of unseen code compliance that can only be engineered into a custom website build.

Search Engines react to what people want, not what businesses want

You can not simply rank for whatever keywords you want anymore, that era is dead and gone. Search engines (especially Google) show results that are best for the user. The #1 mistake a business makes is thinking they know what is best for their customers and try to rank for keywords by stuffing them into their website. That strategy is as ancient as the bull drawn plow and it does not really bring in business.

Prizum Creative knows SEO.
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