Getting this reaction from your food photography?

 food photography

Here are some tips to add some flavor and spice into your food photography style, and get more reactions like THIS!

Angles baby

Angles, angles, angles.

In general, finding interesting angles makes for better photography. Try overhead, straight on, an angle that emphasizes your subject, or any other interesting angle you can think of. Make sure you understand where the photo is going to be used, and if the food brand has a certain style set in place already as well.

Use a Tripod

For the most part, you’re going to want to capture crystal clear images of your food subject(s). Even the most concentrated and still hands can capture an image that’s not completely clear – something as subtle as your own heartbeat can throw off an image’s clarity. The best solution is to use a tripod to guarantee your camera is secured. This can come in handy especially when you’re taking overhead shots, or shots that need to be at a particular angle.

Depth of Field

Utilizing depth of field in food photography is a very popular style. It places your subject in focus, and the rest of the photo out of focus. It allows viewers to direct their attention at the subject instantaneously.

Use Negative Space

Depending on the type of style you’re going for, using negative space can be just what your photos need. If the brand you’re shooting for is very simple, or you know the photos will be used in ads with copy, negative space will be a great way to set up your style for the brand.

Simple Props

Sometimes simplicity is key; however, adding simple props in around your subject can help tell a story. For instance, if you’re shooting photos of a pasta dish, try placing the full, fresh ingredients around the pasta dish. This will demonstrate that the pasta dish is made with fresh ingredients, and that your dish is authentic. Depending on the food item, adding simple props around your subject can create a more unique image.

Add a Human Element

Sometimes utilizing hands or a human element can add a unique & interesting style to your photos. Messy children’s hands adds a whimsical tone to your photos, while a woman’s hand holding a wine glass with her pinkie finger sticking out would add a sense of elegance to your photo.

Keep it Clean

Restaurants and chefs care about presentation of their dishes, and so should all food photographers! Keep your plates and dishes as clean as possible. If you do miss a spot in the photoshoot, tools like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom can be helpful for any minor touch-ups. However, keeping everything as clean as possible will save time later in the photo editing process.

White Sheet in the Window

If you’re using natural light, cover windows with a white sheet. The white sheet will allow the light to bounce into the shot softly. Harsh light can create unwanted, dramatic shadows and unwanted reflections.

Keep Ice/Icy Water Nearby

Need your subject looking fresh and shiny? Make sure to have ice cubes or icy water nearby. For example, if the tomatoes in your shot need to look like they were just washed, dab an ice cube on the tomatoes to add beads of water. Using a sm