The land of coding is one that is unfamiliar and intimidating to many. When looking to build a fully functioning, beautifully designed website, you are going to want to hire a web developer. They have a lot of knowledge that most people do not have, so it is important to hire the right developer for your project. There are certain qualities that separate average web designers from great web designers. Here’s our list:

1. Aware of Trends

If you want a website that is going to blow your competition away, your web developer should be on top of the latest web design trends. You can’t have your site looking outdated, so hiring a designer who keeps up with the trends is worth the investment.

2. Cross-Function Knowledge

Hire a web developer who is also a designer. Developers can type code all day and make an efficient site, but having a developer who also understands visual design principles is someone you hire. 

3. Problem Solving

Many unexpected things can pop up in the web development process, such as copy changes, functionality changes, adding or deleting pages. Web developers need to be able to find a functional and visually appealing solution to any unexpected problem. The industry is founded on the principle of finding solutions, so solving problems in an efficient, effective manner is one of the strongest traits a web developer should have.

4. Handle Stress Well

Since web developers solve problems on a daily basis, they should also be able to handle stress well. For instance, if your website were to crash abruptly, you would want it fixed ASAP. This is where a web developer would have to step in and fix the unforeseen problem as quickly as possible. Not only do they need to stay calm under pressure for their own sake, but also to keep clients from getting stressed out.

5. Trustworthiness/Reliability

If you’re hiring a web developer, they MUST be reliable and trustworthy. They have a lot of knowledge about how to make great websites, and they also have a lot of knowledge about how to make bad websites. If a project gets frustrating, always remember that your web developer could make or break your website (literally and figuratively). Make sure this developer is someone you trust, and someone you can rely on to fulfill and exceed your expectations.

6. Proficient in Mobile Development

We are in the midst of a mobile age, where most people view digital content on their cell phones. It is very important that when creating a website, your developer knows how to make a website that is responsive (desktop & mobile friendly). Keeping other facets of digital design and marketing in mind while creating a website solves many user experience issues before it would even be possible for issues to occur.

7. Can build ADA Compliant sites

The Americans with Disabilities Act not only applies to physical accommodations to a business, but also to virtual accommodations. There are a lot of factors that go into making sure your site is ADA compliant, such as color contrast, accessibility across various platforms, etc. It is important that your web developer understands how to make a site that is ADA compliant, and keeps up-to-date on the compliance standards to make sure your site always complies with the current criterion.

8.  Understands and Handles SEO

SEO is paramount when creating websites today. Having good SEO gives your site more leverage over competitors, and increases your viewability online. There are many means of generating good SEO for a site, and a web developer who understands the best SEO strategies possesses a highly important quality.

9. Can work on e-commerce sites 

Consumers have become more and more willing to make purchases online. In fact, today there are many companies that solely sell products online. With this in mind, if you need a website that has commercial transaction capabilities, you’ll need a web developer that has the skills to create such functionality.

10. Communication Skills

Often times, web developers are “back room” people who sit in front of a computer and code all day. You need a developer that can talk to and work with you to help you understand web basics and be able to update your site once it’s complete.

11. Likes Working with Designers

Because designers and developers typically play two different digital creative roles, there is often a disconnect between the two. Some designers do not understand web development and often design things that are either impossible or incredibly difficult to code. Make sure to work with a developer who likes working with designers, has a designer they primarily work with, or they’re a developer who has both design and web development skills (a rare find).

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