Whether you are watching from the stands or on the big screen, you are in good company when it comes to the love of sports. In 2022, the sports industry had a record 41% growth rate. With a built-in audience that is passionate about supporting their team, many businesses are taking advantage of sports marketing as a lucrative business opportunity.

Sports Marketing is More Than Just Sporting Events

Sports marketing means a whole lot more than just promoting games. It’s an opportunity to sell a lifestyle. From apparel to cereal, there is a never-ending stream of products that companies can produce to capitalize on this industry. But with so many brands already in the game, how can your company make sure that its products stand out from the rest? The answer is in the package design.

Sports marketing must be strategic when it comes to package design in order to appeal to its target consumers. Read on to learn Prizum Creative’ top eleven factors to make your sports package design stand out and score big with your customers.

1. Bold and Bright Colors

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A major part of sports is the use of color to show team spirit and support. When it comes to sports marketing, using colors that represent your brand or product can help it stand out on store shelves. Not only will bright colors help you to stand out, but it will also tap into a fan’s emotional connection to their favorite team colors.

2. Eye-Catching Imagery

In addition to color, another important factor in package design is imagery. Sports fans are passionate about their teams and players, so incorporating images of them into your design can help to capture their attention.

A visual endorsement from a popular player can go a long way in helping to sell your product. As consumers are increasingly concerned about representation in media, your product’s packaging can also be an opportunity to support gender and racial diversity in sports.

3. Dynamic Motion

The kinetic nature of sports is part of what makes them so exciting to watch. You can tap into this energy in your package design. This would include things like using action shots, angular shapes, or even lenticular printing to create the illusion of movement.

4. Iconic Symbols

There are a lot of symbols associated with sports, from team logos to player jerseys. Using these symbols in your design can help to quickly build a connection to your target audience.

If you are targeting a specific team’s fans, using their logo will be even more effective. The use of symbols can also convey authority. For instance, many brands have sponsored the Olympics to use the official rings in their designs.

5. Strong Typography

Like any good design, sports package design should have strong typography. Don’t be afraid to get loud and use big, bold letters to make a statement. Just remember to balance your design so that the text can be clearly read. For instance, you might choose to reserve your bold font for the product name and use a more subdued font for the rest of the text.

6. Youthful Energy