In need of a unique way to advertise your business? You may want to consider getting a vehicle wrap. Vehicle wraps are often created from large vinyl stickers that are applied to the vehicle.


What a Designer Needs:

A blueprint of the vehicle.

Getting an official vehicle blueprint is crucial in beginning the design process for this type of project. It gives the designer(s) a better idea of the space they’re working with.


To know which print company the client is using.

Getting in contact with the print company ahead of time will allow the designer to know exactly how to set up the file to make sure the final design is as print-ready as possible, and not hold up the print process in any way.


Photos of the vehicle.

This will be important for mockup purposes, not only for the designer to make sure his or her design looks good, but also for proofing purposes for the client. Additionally, when sending over final files to the printer, it gives the printer a reference to make sure the vehicle is wrapped correctly.


Basic Design Considerations / Checklist:

  • Make sure your document is in CMYK mode
  • Make sure any photos are as clear as possible – 300dpi is the best quality, but printers may be flexible when working with such large graphics and images – talk to your printer about the best solution while you’re designing to ensure there’s no scrambling around at the last minute
  • Make sure to keep your file in organized layers
  • Create outlines of everything (fonts, etc.) when the design is finalized and you’re ready to send to the printer
  • If you are scaling down the design for the sake of application run time, make sure everything is to scale, and make sure to make a note of the scale dimensions (both in the file and desired final print size) when providing final items to the printer (ie half size)
  • Make sure to package up your files for the printer so they have all elements and fonts if necessary
  • Make sure you have bleeds, and they are large
  • Most printers will accept .ai, .psd, and even .tiff files.

The advantages of vehicle wraps…

A Moving, Permanent Billboard

Although vehicle wraps are an investment, they last. They last for about 5-7 years on average, and act as a moving billboard for your business. This provides a seemingly unlimited amount of visibility for your brand.

Company Owned, Company Controlled

Normally when you create an ad to go into a publication, the publication has control over size specs, placement, etc. When you invest in a vehicle wrap, that vehicle is your personal art board. You can design anything you want, without worrying about competing for ad space.

Easy to Remove and Repair

A vehicle wrap is a safe way to deck out your car – and if there is a design change to the wrap, your technician should be able to remove and replace easily.

Here are some examples of vehicle wraps we’ve done for our clients…

Pasta Too Van

Prizum Creative-pittsburgh-Environmental-graphics-pasta-too-3Prizum Creative-pittsburgh-Environmental-graphics-pasta-too-2Prizum Creative-pittsburgh-Environmental-graphics-pasta-too-1

PAART truck & trailer