Halloween is the perfect time to amp up your social media in preparation for the holidays ahead. Save the last-minute decisions for your Halloween costume this season, and try some of these tricks and treats on your social media platforms this year.

Come Up With Relevant Posts

Come up with eye-catching creative for Halloween that relates back to your company. Is your company in the food industry? Create a video on how to make a Halloween-inspired treat. Is your company in the cosmetics industry? Show some scary makeover looks for costumes, or show how to paint your nails for Halloween. If you can’t come up with a way to relate your company to Halloween, you can even write blog posts about tips on carving pumpkins, how to prepare your home safely for trick-or-treaters, etc. This holiday has unlimited possibilities for creativity, so feel free to let your creative juices flow. Here’s an example of a Happy Halloween social media message from us at Prizum Creative:

At the very minimum, create a simple “Happy Halloween from us” post for your social media. Followers love to see brands that engage with them on holidays.

Dress Up Your Profile Pictures

Just like you, your profile pictures need a costume, too! Do you have a mascot for your brand that you could put a witch hat on? If your brand’s logo is a word mark, try putting that word mark on a pumpkin to make it look like it was carved into it. Can’t think of any ideas? Ask a designer, they’ll be able to give your logo the perfect Halloween costume.


Have any tricks up your sleeve for your followers? If not, here are a few ideas:

  • Create polls for your audience to get engaged with your brand, and excited for Halloween of course! Here are a few sample questions to get your brainstorming started:
    • Pumpkin spice or apple cider?
    • Who would win an apple bobbing contest – a witch or a zombie?
    • Best Halloween candy?
    • Best Halloween movie?
  • Posts about your employee’s special talents. Can any of them do tricks to share with followers? Do any of them have special DIY tricks they’d share? This is a good way to show off your company’s personality (and talents!), and to take the word from the phrase “trick or treat” literally.


If your followers are getting tricks, they should also be getting treats! Here are some ideas to treat your followers this Halloween:

  • Photo contests
    • Caption this photo – (winner gets a prize)
    • Show us your Halloween costume – (winner gets a prize)
    • Show us your pet’s Halloween costume – (winner gets a prize)
  • Special Discounts
    • Give your customers scary good deals as a special treat this Halloween. It always helps if you can make the discount related to the holiday, in terms of percent off, free shipping, etc. For instance, give a discount to customers who show up to your store in full costume!


Company Culture


This Halloween, share photos and videos with your followers that show how your company celebrates Halloween. This could be anything from photos or videos at the company Halloween party, to employee’s costumes, to a photo of a pumpkin you carved your company’s logo into. If you ask people to share their Halloween traditions with you, you should definitely reciprocate.



Use Relevant Hashtags and Emojis in Your Posts

Don’t forget to add some Halloween hashtags to your posts – but don’t scare people away by putting in too many! If you do wish to use a lot of hashtags, put them in your comments section (though, this won’t work for Twitter) – this will still allow the platform to catch the hashtags, without distracting from your spooky posts. Here are some simple hashtags to get you started. And, of course, feel free to create your own unique hashtags, too!

#Halloween #Trickortreat #HappyHalloween #HappyHalloween #Party #Halloweenparty #Halloweenmakeup #Halloweencostume #Candy #Scary #Hauntedhouse #Holidays #Celebrate #Skeleton #Jackolantern #Bonfire #Cold #October #Devil #Skull #Pumpkin #Zombie #Fancydress #Creepy

Let’s be honest – there can never be too many emojis, but sometimes it is difficult to find exactly which emojis you’re looking for. Find all Halloween-related emojis here.

Need more creative ideas for your social media this Halloween, or any upcoming holidays? Contact us at Prizum Creative. Halloween is our favorite holiday – let’s get creative.

A social media marketing agency can help you craft eye-catching Halloween posts. From themed graphics to spooky discounts, they can elevate your brand’s presence during the holiday. By leveraging the expertise of a social media marketing agency, you can ensure your Halloween campaigns are engaging, creative, and effective in capturing your audience’s attention. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to boost your brand’s visibility this Halloween season with professional guidance.