UX design, or user experience design, is a rapidly growing career path in the creative industry. Although UX design jobs are very different from graphic design jobs, it is important that each understands and utilizes the other’s methods during every project. It is highly important that graphic designers not only design something that is visually appealing, but something that is also functionally appealing. Here are some things that UX designers do that graphic designers should do (or try to keep in mind while designing):


1. Personas/Scenarios

Personas are essentially a very detailed version of a target audience. They sometimes look like a biography, as if you were to select a random person from your target audience and research all of their personal information, interests, motivations, personality traits, and so on.

Scenarios are narratives that describe how the project at hand (an app, website, etc.) will help them in their daily lives. These often come in the form of a storyboard.



2. Information Architecture

This is very similar to mind mapping, but with hierarchy. Basically, UX designers make sure their brainstorming is as organized as possible. In the beginning stages of design, it is important to decide what is most important, and what the hierarchy of each element is in the design.



3. Usability Testing

Once a prototype is created, it is important to test the project in front of potential users for feedback. This facet is highly important to UX designers for a couple of reasons. For one, it checks the accuracy of the initial research done. Additionally, it allows for the creative team to get a better understanding of the users and perfect the project before it goes live and a final product is placed in front of users.


A lot of UX design deals with initial research in understanding the target audience in order to cater a final product that functions seamlessly . Some of the responsibilities of UX designers overlap with those of a graphic designer, but it is important for a graphic designer to understand and implement UX design into projects in order to create the best solution.