Size Matters: Why Big Brands Work With Small Agencies


When it comes to choosing a creative agency to work with, size matters. Many large brands and corporations have decided to start working with smaller agencies. Here’s why:


  • Employees Wear Multiple Hats

At small agencies, every team member must be able to adapt to and learn various programs, methods, styles, and industries. Employees at these agencies work with a large variety of clients every day and must be able to switch gears at a moment’s notice. An agency could be small enough to the point where one person becomes a copywriter, graphic designer, and web developer all for one client. These talented professionals are more than a one trick pony, and can help large brands with their vast knowledge.


  • Work With a Consistent, Small Team

Employees at small agencies must collaborate on projects constantly. A big name client can expect to work with the same two or three employees throughout an entire project. A single employee may even work on an entire project or campaign by themselves.


  • Receive Creative, Customized Solutions

Deadlines and keeping a positive relationship with a client are important, but at small agencies, a large brand can expect to work with individuals whose goals are to give the client the best solution possible. Working with a small team means a brand will receive a collaborative creative effort, yielding the most creative and customized solutions possible.


  • Shorter Approval Process = Faster Turnarounds

Getting approval on designs is very quick at small agencies. The fewer people there are, the fewer levels of approval a project needs to go through, which ultimately results in faster project turnarounds. This means that seemingly impossible deadlines can actually be accomplished.


  • Get More From Your Budget

The cost of doing business with small agencies is almost guaranteed to be lower than doing business with large agencies. Because the small agencies may not have as many people to give paychecks to, or are not as widely-recognized as large agencies, they can provide the same (if not better) solutions as large agencies for a fraction of the cost.


A recent study from The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 68 percent of the approximately 50,000 advertising and public-relations services establishments in the U.S. employ no more than five workers. Many live by the saying “go big or go home,” but when a large agency is on the hunt for the best creative solution, a different phrase comes to mind. As Shakespeare once wrote, “though she be but little, she is fierce.”


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