When developing social media marketing plans for a business’s Instagram account, the emphasis is mostly placed on the content that will be produced and shared, since that’s what social media is meant for. However, many businesses often overlook their bio, the 150 characters that introduce the brand to the world of Instagrammers. Much like a tweet, this bio should be short, but powerful. Here are some tips on how to make your bio speak for your brand and stick out to consumers.

Don’t repeat what information is already in your header

There are already fields for your name, type of business, website URL, and location. This means your bio is meant for introducing the personality of your brand and to give a little more insight into what the brand stands for. Bios are very short, so if you repeat any information that is already in your header, it is just taking up valuable space.

Hours of Operation

If your business does not follow the typical 9-5 Monday through Friday schedule, it may be useful to include your hours of operation for users to easily get that information without having to search for it.

Consider Implementing Hashtags

  • Tagline
    Your business most likely has a short tagline of some sort. Large companies often turn their slogans into hashtags to encourage users to use the hashtag when posting pictures interacting with the brand. For example, a user posts a picture of their new Nike sneakers, and uses the hashtag #JustDoIt.
  •  Call to Action
    If your company does not have a tagline, or the tagline takes up too much space, a call to action can be a solution if you want to implement a hashtag into your Instagram bio. For example, asos encourages its followers to use a hashtag for a chance to be featured on the asos Instagram account. This gives your brand a personable touch, and allows the users to see that your brand likes to interact with its customers.


Consider Using Emojis

If used tastefully, emojis can add a little bit of fun and save precious character space in your Instagram bio. As fun as emojis are, they can also take away from a clean, classy bio, so try not to go overboard!


 Use Spacing / Line Breaks to Your Advantage

If your business is all about cleanliness and organization, demonstrate it in your bio with breaking up your information into lines. Maybe even use emojis to create custom bullet points!


Tell Your Audience What Makes You Special

The most important part of a bio, especially on such a widely-used platform, is to tell the audience what makes you stand out from the crowd.

Even though 150 characters at the top of an Instagram account may not sound like a lot, it can truly set the tone for your Instagram feed and brand as a whole. If your bio gives users a concise, but meaningful set of information, users will perceive your brand as credible.