Have a photo that needs some TLC? Don’t have the time to go into full edit mode or ask for professional help? Try these 6 retouching tools in Photoshop that will make you look like a pro!

1. Crop

First things first, make sure to use the crop tool to make sure the image you’re working with is the proper proportion, is focusing on the subject you want it to focus on, if a thumb got in the lens, etc.

This will give you the base artboard to work on for additional edits and adjustments.


2. Image Adjustment Tools

Image > Adjustments > …

Image Adjustment Tools

There are a variety of image adjustment tools within this toolbox that are helpful in making your image well-balanced.

Brightness / Contrast

This tool helps with adjusting contrast in an image. Lightening the image and darkening the shadows helps create a more crisp and vibrant shot. Some photographers’ styles take this to an extreme for very dramatic effects. However, we suggest making subtle changes. Don’t move your adjustment sliders all the way to the left or right. Try and keep them close to the center.