When seeking help from a designer, it’s crucial to choose a Pittsburgh graphic design service that exceeds your needs and expectations.

Here are 6 qualities you should look for in a graphic designer.

  1. Good Listener

A graphic designer should listen to your needs. When they listen, they should really understand your goals and vision. The more questions a designer has, the more notes they take, and the more of an effort they make to understand how to create a great solution, the better listener they are.

  1. Able to Take Criticism

The design process is not usually a quick and easy path. A design can go through multiple rounds of revisions before coming to a finalized project. Because a project may have an entire team of clients, a designer may need to take feedback from multiple people, multiple times. It is important that a designer not only can take criticism, but can also take it in a positive way.

  1. Naturally Artistic

A designer usually has natural, artistic talent. They can take ideas in their mind and visually present them in an appealing way. Designers have excellent spatial awareness as well as an eye for color schemes. Not only do designers know what looks good, they also know what does not look good.

  1. Problem-Solving Skills

When looking for a designer, you are also looking for a problem solver – someone who can find a solution to your design needs. When you come to a designer, you are looking for a solution. A designer should be able to come up with at least one solution, if not, multiple solutions for you to decide what the best path is to take.

  1. Patience

A designer must have patience in order to maintain a positive relationship with a client. When you work with a designer, your needs are most important, and when a project gets complex, it is very important that you find someone who can calmly make changes and put the success of the end result as a top priority, no matter how difficult the road to the finish line may be.

  1. Adaptable to Any Situation

From technical difficulties to miscommunications, and from strict deadlines to keeping a client satisfied, there are endless possible problems and situations that can arise when a project is in the works. A designer must be able to adapt to any situation in order to keep the project moving forward in a positive direction. This trait is a combination of good listening, ability to take criticism, artistic talent, problem-solving skills, and patience.

These 6 traits are what makes a designer stand out amongst the crowd. When a designer possesses these traits, you know your finalized product will meet and exceed your expectations. At Prizum Creative, we emulate these qualities in every project we work on in order to maintain our reputation and continue to uphold great relationships with our clients.