Why Go Live on Social Media?

Live streaming is the future of sharing content on social media, so if you’re camera shy, it’s time to start getting used to the spotlight.


Snapchat has been a stepping stone in a user’s ability to share his or her life with the world on a camera, but now other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allow users to share content in real-time. Going live on social media as a new approach to sharing content has quite a few benefits:


  1. Allows your followers to experience something with you, without physically being there.
  2. Creates a sense of community, even if it is digital. This also means there is a larger audience, rather than just those who are physically at the location.
  3. Gives your content a sense of urgency, since it is only available at that moment in time.
  4. It may encourage people to go wherever you are recording from.
  5. Potential to hold contests and boost marketing efforts (scavenger hunts, first to comment on the feed, etc.)


Going live on social media is still a new idea, so many people are hesitant to try it. However, businesses should consider it because it can grow their audience, improve customer interactions, create new revenue opportunities, and increase brand visibility. For businesses interested in social media marketing Pittsburgh, going live could be a great strategy to explore.


Here are each platform’s guides to getting started with going live: