The pandemic has put a disruption in all of our lives, on a personal level and on a professional level. Many businesses are requiring employees to work from home. And, as a result of the economic decline, many businesses are cutting budgets – including marketing. If you’re in a marketing, design, or creative role at your place of work, now is the time to get even more innovative and creative. It is so important to continue marketing efforts during the pandemic, even if you have a smaller budget. Each industry has different needs and different outlets that may be more effective. So, we’ve come up with a list of different ideas that can help your business continue marketing efforts during the pandemic.

Review your website, and consider e-commerce.

Does your business rely on online sales… or should it now? With the spike in internet usage, and online sales, take a look at your website, and consider an e-commerce page if you do not already have one.

First things first, make sure your website in general is in the best shape possible. You may experience an increase in web traffic to your pages, and making sure everything is accurate and up-to-date is crucial. Add new testimonials, new project/gallery images, or new news posts if applicable. A lot of companies are even updating and adding to their FAQ pages, not only to make sure their answers during the pandemic are accurate, but to also help new customers that may visit the site during the pandemic.

Next, you’ll definitely want to consider an e-commerce page. If you have a WordPress site, we recommend WooCommerce. It is a user-friendly online shop plugin. There are a variety of pre-made themes, which you can customize to match your brand identity.

If you already have an online shop, now is the time to clean it up. Make sure all product photos/descriptions are accurate. Delete any products you don’t sell anymore, and add in new ones.

Many companies are discounting products during the pandemic. Consider a limited-time offer or sale. Companies are also offering special delivery deals – free delivery or shipping, or even majorly discounting delivery or shipping.

With many shoppers in front of computer or phone screens, adding a chat feature may be good to consider implementing on your site or your online shop. While people are shopping, they may have questions about your product. What easier way to get in touch with your company than a quick online chat? However, you need to make sure someone is monitoring the chat and responding quickly.

Offer Webinars/Digital Workshops

Many companies had events planned, that they recently had to cancel. Was your company planning an event? Make it digital! Work on transitioning your in-person event into a webinar or online workshop. Your guest speakers can still deliver their planned speeches, and can still answer digital question submissions, just as if you were there in person. There are a variety of video communication tools out there – Zoom and Google Hangouts are just a couple to mention. Do your research and find a platform that works well for the event you’ve planned. If there is enough time before your event (and you still have enough budget), you may even want to consider sending in the mail any kind of informational packets you had planned to give out at the event. It would add a personal touch and show that your company (or event) truly care about everyone’s well-being and ability to still participate in the event.

Utilize Social Media to Your Advantage

If your marketing budget is struggling during the pandemic, social media is one of the best tools you can use to continue marketing during this time. It’s especially effective since many people are stuck inside their homes, and turning to social media for many things like communicating, getting news, and even entertainment. Need ideas on where to start? Here’s just a few ideas to kickstart your social media efforts:

Share Company Updates

During this time, it’s important to share how your company is coping with the global health crisis. A press release or message to share with followers about how your company plans to work through the pandemic will help existing customers understand how your business is handling everything and what to expect. Whether it’s employees working from home, offering online sales only, or new methods of communicating or delivering products, it’s important to give an update to inform the public about your temporary operational adjustments.

Share About Employees Working from Home

This one is more light-hearted and fun! Have employees take pictures of their “home office” and share on social media! It will add a more personal touch to your social media and make your brand more approachable.

Share Company Productivity Tips

This is also a more light-hearted content idea. While you’re getting images of co-worker home offices, ask them to share a tip on how they stay productive from home. Share these tips on your social media platforms as well! You never know who hasn’t thought of a certain productivity tip, and c