It’s the start of a new year, which means you’re setting goals for yourself and your business. What better resolution than to generate more content for your social media on a consistent basis. Not sure where to start? Luckily we have ideas that will keep your social media account active throughout the year!

  1. Videos

If your brand has any type of existing video content on your website, on a YouTube page, etc., make sure to share it on your social platforms to get as much exposure as possible! If your company does not have any existing video content, now is the time to start creating video content and sharing it for the world to see. Video is becoming increasingly popular, and easier than ever to produce with smart phones.

Here are a few ideas for some quick videos to get yourself started:

  • Industry-related tips & tricks
  • Behind-the-scenes (working on a project, in the office, etc.)
  • Interviews with employees
  • Customer testimonials
  1. Live Videos

Does your business have a special product launch or event you are attending? A live video may be the perfect solution to engage with your audience. While you’re at an event, start a live video to let your audience experience what you are, without physically being there.


  1. Employee Spotlight

Something that can add a personal touch to your brand is showing the faces of your business! Highlight one of your employees, have them share what they do, their background, and why they love working at your company. Share it with a nice photo of the employee, and share it on your social platforms! Social media users love to see the real people who put in the hard work to make your company so great. It adds a personal touch, makes your brand more trustworthy and approachable.


  1. News Posts

All of your news posts on your website should be shared outside of your website! This is a super quick and simple way to keep your social media pages updated. All you need to do is copy and paste the link from your news post.

News posts can be anything such as:

  • Company/employee announcements
  • Project launches, updates, or completions
  • Awards or achievements
  • Upcoming event announcements
  • Recent event reflections
  • Industry-related announcements


  1. Blog Posts

Again, all of your blog posts on your website should also be shared outside of your website. It is just as quick and easy as copying and pasting the link from your blog.

Need ideas for writing more blog posts this year? We have an entire blog about blog topics that will set you up for the year!

Not sure of the difference between blogs versus news posts? Don’t worry – we have a blog about that, too!


  1. Featured Articles

Was your company featured in an article written by an external source, such as a newspaper or another company’s blog? Share it! Not only will it help that external source get more exposure, but it will help your own company get additional exposure. It’s exciting to be featured by someone else, and it’s definitely worth sharing with your followers!


  1. Behind-the-Scenes

Is your company in an industry where a lot of the work is done behind-the-scenes? Show it! Social media users love to see how products are made, how projects get completed, and how much work goes into your product or service. It can be informational to help your audience learn something new, or could even tie more into visual appeal. For instance, if your product takes time to create, show a time lapse video from start to finish! Again, this type of content makes your brand more transparent, honest, and approachable.


  1. Contests & Giveaways

Reward your current followers and/or gain new followers by promoting a contest or giveaway on social media. This can be a great way to promote a new product or service, while gaining followers and increasing engagement.


  1. GIFs

Want to add an interactive element to your brand? Start creating GIFs and posting them on your social platforms! They’re a step between image and video without the costs of video production. They are easy to create, easy to view, and can tell a story in an adaptable format across a variety of platforms and devices. Learn more in our blog “GIFS: Where and How to Use Them Effectively in Marketing & Advertising.”


  1. Product Photos

If you have product photos on your website or in marketing materials, make sure to share them on social media too! There are so many creative ways to take product photos. Group some featured products together, put them against interesting or festive backgrounds, or show them in a new light! Get creative. Just make sure the photos fit your brand aesthetic!


  1. User-Generated Content

Do you get images sent to your company, or do users tag your brand on social? Re-share their content!


  1. Testimonials

Something you probably have on your website are customer testimonials. Get those reviews out on your social media, too! Pair them with a photo when possible. Testimonials are a great tool to use to show potential new