Writing your next blog? New to blogging and not sure where to begin? Coming up with fresh topics for content on a consistent basis definitely takes a creative mind. Depending on your industry, some topics may be more practical for you. Here are some different types of blogs, with multiple examples to get you thinking about your next blog!



Is there a certain process you can explain to others in your industry? A step-by-step guide is a great way to educate your audience. It also helps you generate a resource others (and yourself) can go back to.

Answers to Common Questions

Are there certain questions you should know the answer to in your industry? Create a list-format blog with a series of questions people in your industry (or even outside of your industry) frequently ask. Give them the answers!

History of Something in Your Industry

There is history everywhere we go. No matter what topic, there’s always a story behind it. For instance, if you write a blog in the creative industry, give an example of the history of how illustrations evolved over the years. Or, if you’re in the sports industry, talk about the history of a certain sport.

Define Key Terms

In every industry, there are certain terms people use frequently. Compile all of these common terms, and define them! This educates readers and also provides a new resource to reference.

Qualifications for Someone in Your Industry

There are certain characteristics that you should look for in candidates for certain job positions or an industry in general. Generate a list of these qualities and expand on them in your next blog entry.

Give Industry Advice to Newcomers

People who are new to an industry or job are probably curious about tips and advice on how to succeed. If you have extensive experience in a certain part of your industry, or have advice to give on the industry as a whole, here’s your chance! Take this opportunity to be honest and talk about your own experience in relation to your pieces of advice.


Share Your Favorite Resources

In your industry, do you have any go-to resources you use on a regular basis? For instance, maybe there is a certain website that helps with calculations you do on the daily. Or, maybe you work in social media and have a resource you use to stay up-to-date with sizing graphics for different platforms. Gather up all of your favorite resources, and share them – your blog followers will definitely appreciate the insider tips.


Share funny posts or videos

Sometimes it’s a good idea to take a break from the more educational blogs. Recently find a funny post or video? Share it!

Share a story

Yes, this sounds super generic. But, people love to read all sorts of stories! This topic in particular is totally up to interpretation. Did something interesting happen to you yesterday? Share that story. Is there a story from your childhood that shaped you? Write about it.

Share your hobbies

Outside of the industry you work in, what else do you do? Give a little insight on something you enjoy doing on your evenings or weekends by writing about your hobbies.