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Q: Is print still important for marketing?
A: Yes, because of the internet there are now more printed materials in existence than ever before.

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Our design team can help you create the perfect publication for your product or company!

How do you communicate with your existing customers? Is your product difficult to operate? Do you need an instruction manual? Do you have so many products that you need a catalog to showcase them all? Ocreations can help! Our team of designers and creative and technical writers can work with you and your team to design the perfect publication for your product or company.

  1. Book Design
  2. Catalog Design
  3. Instruction Manual Design
  4. Magazine Design
  5. Newsletter Design
  6. Annual Report Design
  7. Designing for Direct mail campaigns
  8. Other printed marketing materials
  9. Printed publications are essential
  10. Text copy, revisions and Proofing

01 – Book Design

Book design is an art in itself. The designer blends each of the various components and elements of the book into content, style, format and design – sequencing them together into a coherent unit.

“Though largely forgotten today, book design relies upon methods and rules upon which it is impossible to improve, and which have been developed over centuries. To produce perfect books, these rules have to be brought back to life and applied”.
Jan Tschichold – calligrapher, typographer and book designer.

Ocreations uses those same ‘impossible to improve on’ tried and true methods to help clients’ ideas become finished bound Books. The Book Design for Learning, Education and Games for Karen Schrider was handled by Ocreations. A good book starts with the spark of an idea on paper and Ocreations Book Design evolves it into a finished publication. The Ocreations graphics department can match the personality and feel you would like your book to convey to a potential reader.

02 – Catalog Design

Ocreations works with clients to achieve the ideal layout and structure for Catalog Design – customizing to match your company’s brand personality. We can also include a unique ordering form encouraging the consumer to become a customer immediately! Our inspiration for catalog design comes from the best designers Pittsburgh has to offer. The best catalogs and booklets become keepsakes and they rarely end up being thrown away simply because they feel valuable. We understand that the quality of the print materials plays an important role in branding for catalogs. Turns out that humans are hardwired to value publications that are printed on quality paper.

A report from the U.S. Postal Service noted results from an experiment showing that physical marketing “triggered activity in a part of the brain that corresponds with value and desirability.”

We bet you have a catalog or two laying around. Pick it up and feel the cover, gently rub the pages between your fingers, maybe smell the fresh ink and paper – which ones make you feel like you need to buy the product on the pages? That’s what Ocreations does, we strive to produce those kinds of high quality catalog designs.

03 – Instruction Manual Design

Amazing Instruction manual designs are rare but they do not have to be boring. Ocreations can design your product or how-to instruction manual with style and flair. We will arrange the document to your specifications and design the art and specs to fit your company image.

Writing good instructions and making sure the printed instructions match the digital guide is now a key part of 21st century instruction manual design. Ocreations can help your product’s manual look and act like it belongs in the modern world.

04 – Magazine Design

Ocreations designs vivid, full color magazines to fit your company’s personality. With countless options available, your publication can match your company’s personality and convey the message you want to your customers.

The work done during the Acero Realty Rooftops Magazine design and the In Wheeling Magazine design are great examples of high Impact Magazine design that invites readers to delve deeper into a printed publication. Attention-grabbing covers balanced by strong headers and subheadings come from experience and we have the recipe for success ready to be applied to your regular publication.

Magazine design projects are long term commitments and come with a high level of dedication. Ocreations worked to create a high quality publication for Visit Pittsburgh in 2015 and for the last 4 years we have continued to satisfy visitors and the city by designing the visitors guide to stand out in the Pittsburgh Visitor Center.

05 – Newsletter Design

Keeping your customers, clients, and subscribers up to date on your activity and current promotions with a scheduled newsletter is still a great way to boost business because printed material is considered more credible.

Our designs are unique and personalized, your receivers will come to expect and recognize the unique Newsletter Designs we produce for you. Turns out that printed newsletters are often the secret weapon in social-media marketing and when combined with digital email blasts that match your brand you have a powerful magnet for keeping customers loyal to you. There is no real debate between print and email because they are complementary approaches to the same end goal.

According to the Agora Model a newsletter can make big money (to the tune of $290 million) by selling merchandise, services or products to the prospects on your subscriber list. Customers are often delighted by free well designed Printed Newsletters.

06 – Annual Report Design

We find inspiration for Annual Report Design in the beauty of data because information is beautiful. Visualization of your data does not have to be restricted to crusty old pie charts and line graphs from the 80’s. Ocreations has mastered our own unique techniques for Data Visualization. Adding both form and function into the design layer is an excellent way to show off your quarterly success or make sure your investors stay engaged for the entire meeting.

Every shareholder loves to set a well-designed and bound report book next to their quarterly earnings and investment portfolio on the coffee table. Ocreations can help your company leverage branding materials like Annual Reports to impress your investors and keep them invested.

07 – Designing for Direct mail campaigns

Postcards, Brochures and Catalogs are the core staples for success with direct mail campaigns. Ocreations can help you choose the right format to use with which audienc