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Professional Publication Design for retail products from the best Publication design team in Pittsburgh.

Q: Is print still important for marketing?
A: Yes, because of the internet there are now more printed materials in existence than ever before.

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Our design team can help you create the perfect publication for your product or company!

How do you communicate with your existing customers? Is your product difficult to operate? Do you need an instruction manual? Do you have so many products that you need a catalog to showcase them all? Prizum Creative can help! Our team of designers and creative and technical writers can work with you and your team to design the perfect publication for your product or company.

  1. Book Design
  2. Catalog Design
  3. Instruction Manual Design
  4. Magazine Design
  5. Newsletter Design
  6. Annual Report Design
  7. Designing for Direct mail campaigns
  8. Other printed marketing materials
  9. Printed publications are essential
  10. Text copy, revisions and Proofing

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